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General Information Of Almora

Total Area: 11.9sq.kms. (city area)
Total Population: 53.507 (1991census)
Altitude: 1646 mts. From the sea level
25-29 Degree in Summer
08-14 Degree in Winter
Rainfall: Average 828mm(33'')
Clothing: Summer- Cottons/ light woolen, Winter - Heavy woolen
Languages: Hindi, English and Kumauni

Some facts Of Almora
Society :Mixed ( Major Hindu)
Literacy: More than 60%
Education : govt. and publick Schools , Co-edu is availabe in Private Schools
Cuisine: spicey food , majority of the people are non- vegetarians .
Tradational Food : Daal , Roti, Rice, Subji, etc..

Economic Infrastructure

The state has adequate availability of power and is aiming to further increase hydro power production by over 5000 MW before the end of the present decade. A number of small and medium size hydro sites have been identified to be developed in the private sector or in public-private partnership, besides development of projects in the public sector. These measures have been taken up to ensure supply of quality power to the entrepreneurs setting up industrial units in the state.

The mission of the state with respect to the power sector is:
  • Achieve 100% rural electrification by March 2007, Hamlets by March 2008 and rural households by March 2009.
  • Provide 24x7 reliable, quality and un-interrupted supply to its consumers.
  • Provide "power to all" on demand.
  • Strengthen the existing power network based on present advanced technology with an objective to reduce T&D losses.
  • Provide power system network with minimal environmental impact.
  • Plan and provide strong power system to the state and its consumers at an affordable cost.
  • Develop a professionally managed organization.
  • Generate additional revenue for the Corporation and State by developing a strong, adequate, reliable and cohesive power network based on most techno-economical aspects to contribute towards the development and prosperity of the State.
  • Improve social status of the people.
  • Reduce poverty of the people.
  • Provide employment in the rural sections by providing reliable supply.
  • Establish Consumer Care Centre, Central Call Centre etc. to provide Quality Service to the Consumers.
  • Release Electricity Connection to the consumers under Tatkal Sewa within 24 hours for better service to them.
  • Contribute to the formation of a developed & progressive Uttarakhand State.
Roads :
Vision :
  • Provide high speed connectivity with rest of the country.
  • Provide adequate and efficient connectivity to all the demand drivers (Tourism, Industries, Agriculture and Urban centres.)
  • Provide connectivity to all the villages/habitations through roads and bridges.
  • Provide 100 percent all weather roads.
Strategy for Development :
  • Identification of core network and all future developments to be linked to the core network to ensure economies of scale in terms of traffic counts.
  • Work in close co-ordination with the central government for development of high-speed corridors NH 58 & 87.
  • Minimize transaction costs and delays in transportation through integrated check posts and bypasses along core network.
  • Explore spectrum of private participation in construction, maintenance and management of corridors through BOT and other options.
Initiative Underway :
  • Discussions initiated with multilateral institutions for development of road network.
  • Asian Development Bank - connectivity to sparsely connected hill districts.
  • World Bank - upgradation/ widening of all State Highways and Major District Roads.
  • 300 km of road stretches forming entry points to the State identified for development through the private sector.
Aviation :
Vision :
  • Position air transport as a reliable all weather low cost transport option in the hills and as a driver of quality tourism.
  • Establish scheduled air service with every state capital and connectivity with an international gateway.
Strategy for Development :
  • Increase stake of state in development of Airports and develop low cost Air Bases.
  • Put in place a proactive PSP structure, attractive incentives and positive risk sharing mechanism that encourage efficient low cost services.
  • Facilitate participation of state governments, urban local bodies, airline/aircraft operators, other private investors in development, upgradation and management of small airports/airstrips.
Initiatives Underway :
  • Close coordination with the Airport Authority of India for upgradation/expansion of Jolly Grant airport Dehradun.
  • Operationalising of the airstrips at Gaucher (Chamoli), Chinyalisaur (Uttarkashi) and Pithoragarh.
  • Feasibility study for launching a Mountain Airline to boost high altitude tourism.
  • Promotion of Aero sports.
Social Infrastructure :
Health :

The Government of Uttarakhand is committed to improve the health status and quality of life of its people, by focusing on health issues with the objective of reducing disease burden, creating an enabling environment influencing direct and indirect health determinant such as nutrition, water, sanitation, the environment and other factors such as education and employment in the state. The Government intends to reach the replacement level of fertility, population stability with due attention to disadvantaged sections, inaccessible and remote areas.

The following objectives have been laid down by the state in its health and population policy:

  • Eradicate polio by 2007.
  • Reduce the level of leprosy to below 1 per 10,000 population by December 2007.
  • Reduce mortality on account of tuberculosis, malaria, and other vector and water-borne diseases by 50 percent by 2010. Reduce prevalence of blindness from around 1 to 0.3 percent by 2010.
  • Reduce Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) by 50 percent of the present level by 2010.
  • Reduce RTIs to below 10 percent among men and women by 2007.
  • Increase awareness on HIV/AIDS.
Education :

The literacy rate in Uttarakhand is 72%, which is higher than the national literacy rate. The state strives to achieve 95% literacy rate, for which it has adopted a tri-fold strategy with the following elements:

  • 100% enrolment
  • 100% retention
  • Continuous Education Programme
  Total Male Female
  72.28 84.01 60.26
Urban 81.5 87.21 74.77
Rural 69.95 82.74 55.52