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General Information Of Pithoragrah

Total Area: 7 sq. kms.(approx.)
Total Population: Data Not available
Altitude: 1,645 Mts. (From the sea level)
23-28 Degree in Summer
04-08 Degree in Winter
Clothing :
Summer- Cottons/ light woolens (some times)
Winter - Heavy Coolness
Languages : Hindi, English and Kumaoni.

Total Tehsils - Munsyari, Dharchula, Didihat, Gangolihat, Pithoragarh
Head quarter - Pithoragarh Total Development Blocks - 8
Total Towns - 3
Total Nyaya Panchayats - 64 Total Gram Sabhas - 651 Total villages - 1635
Total population 4,16,647 (As per 1991 census)
Male Population - 2,09,177
Female Population - 2,07470 Total literacy rate - 61.4.

Sites and Temples In Chamoli

Adi Badri
Adi badri is a remains of 16 small temples. Seven among them are ancient ones, belonging to the late Gupta period.Adi Badri is on it's way to Ranikhet from Karnprayag by a motorable road .It is sais that Adi Guru Shankaracharya had built these temples. The main temple belongs to the Lord Vishnu and it is distinguished by a raised platform in the pyramidal from where the idol is enshrined. sculpted out of black stone, the idol of Lord Vishnu is a metre high.

Badrinath is one of the holiest tample of Hindu and it is highly revered among the devotees.Situated on the bank of river Alaknanda at an altituted of 3133 mts. from the sea level this tample is established by the great Adi Guru Shankaracharya .Famous as Badri vishal this tample is one of the five panch badri(Five Badries)It is said that this place was a garden full with wild fruit Berry that's why it is called Badri van (Badri forest)
This fifteen (15) meter high tample is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu and divided in three main parts these are called Garv Grah(The Sanctum Sanctorum),Darshan Mandap(For prayer)and Sabha Mandap(for devotees to assemble).There are total fifteen idoles of lord vishnu and the most attractive one is built in black stone The main idole here is of a meditating Lord Vishnu..This one meter high idol is in the position of meditation.The impressive gate of the tample give it a really- really pious look.Guarded on either side by the two mountains Nar and Narayan, the Neelkanth Peak provides a splendid backdrop to Badrinath, one of the ?Four Dhams?. Situated at the bank of Alaknanda is a hot water spring known as "Tapt Kund", a bath in which is very refreshing to all pilgrims. tha tample is built in the form of a cone with a small cupola of a gilt bull and spire.
The temple is open every year in the month of April-May and closed for winters in the third week of November.

Yog Dhyan Badri
The temple of Yog dhyan Badri, one of the (panch Badri)five Badris The idol, depiciting a meditative posture of the Lord, is worshipped here. t It is said that the Pandavas had handed over Hastinapur to king Parikshit and retired here.

Vriddha Badri
Situated at a distance of 7kms. from Joshimath is Animath where the the idol of Badrinath was enshrined and worshipped.Animath is the same place where several centuries before the advent of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The idol is known as vriddha old or the first Badri and the temple remains open throughout the year.