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General Information Of Pauri

Total Area - 5sq,kms.
Total Population - 20,397 ( 1991 census)
Altitude - 1,814 Mts. above from the sea level
Temperature: 27?C in Summer - 6 to 11?C Degree in Winter
Rainfall - Heavy rainfall during monsoon.
Clothing: Summer- Cottons/ light woolens, Winter - Heavy woolens
Languages: Hindi, English and Garhwali.

Society ? Brahmins, Rajputs, Harijans (Scheduled Castes)

Profession - Agriculture , animal husbandry

Traditional Cuisine - Meat, Roti (Manduwa), Bhats, Rice, Jhingora, Kaouniare etc.

Costume - Kamarbandth
( waistband ) Julka

Ornaments - Nath, Phuli,Bulak, Murkhala, Tops, Kundal, Hansuli, Mala, Kandi, Gulband, Dhagule, Kangan, Jhinvara, Paunta, Lacha, Dhagula.


The city which holds the biggest the conglomeration of human being in the entire earth is know by many names such "The Gateway To The God" , "The Gateway Of Char Dhams" , "The Spiritual Land Of Hindu" , "The Place Of Temples " and "The Dwelling Place Of Yogi, Sadhu,and Mahamtas"

Haridwar is believed to be one of the seven holiest places according to Hindu mythology.According to the ancient scriptures Haridwar is also called Mayapuri, Gangadwarand Mokshadwar as the God
are believed to have left their footprints in Haridwar so that every Human being can follow the path of salvation .
Hardier has always been a major Shaktipeeth for the devotees because the holiest of all rivers; the great Ganga; flows through this

Sites and temples in haridwar

Haridwar also holds the greatest and the most important fairs (Mela) of Hindu religion.
The world's largest and greatest fair ; KUMBH MELA is held here once in every 12 years and the ARDH KUMBH MELA is held once in every 6 years.Kumbh mela is the largest conglomeration of Human being at one place for one reason.

Being a center for Yoga and Meditation of Yogi's and saints for thousands of year today Haridwar has given it a new meaning .Today yoga and mediations is taught here to cop-up and adjust ourselves with the fast life of this ultra modern world and to reduce the frustration and tension of human life and make it happier and better for all.
For an Explorer point of view Haridwar is a place to Xplore some new things.It's a place of mystery, tradition ,culture, yoga, mediation , nature, God, mythology and so on.
Haridwar is also famous for Aryavedic and Herbal treatment and remedies.

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Festivals In Haridwar

Kumbh Mela(Fair)
Haridwar is known for hosting one of the biggest fair of Hindu , Kumbh Mela , which attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.
According th the mythology a few drops of nector (Amrit) fell at four different places on the earth during the fight between the Demons and Gods to get the nectoe (Amrit) for immortality.And these four places are believed to be the secred places in Hindus' .Haridwar is one of them the rest are as followings:
Prayag , Nasik and Ujjain.
The Kumbh mela is held in evvery 12 years to commorate this spritual day .Millions of men,women ,children,sagas,Rishi,Munies,baba's and tourists gather here to take a dip in the holy water os holy rivers.


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Distance From Haridwar

Nearest Railway Station

Haridwar is well connected with all important Cities of India such as Delhi ,Amritser, Agra , Allahabad , Mumbai , Calcutta, Varanasi , Ujjain, Dehradun, Lucknow, etc.

Nearest airpoint

The nearest Airport is Dehradun which is 41 Kms and Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi is just 220 Kms from here.

Road :-


Road distance from Haridwar to (in Kms.)

Delhi 214 kms


Dehradun 52 kms


Agra 386 kms.


Nanital 286 kms

Trains From Haridwar

Dehradun -Haridwar-Ujjain

4309 and 4310

Dehradun- Haridwar-Delhi

4041 and 4042


4265 and 4266

Dehradun -Haridwar-Delhi

2017 and 2018

Dehradun - Haridwar-Bombay

2019 and 2020

Dehradun - Okha Uttaranchal Express


Dehradun - Howrah


Dehradun - Howrah


Dehradun -Delhi


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Excursions From Haridwar

This spritual town is known as "Rishikesh" i.e. the place of sages
Rishikesh is situated at a distance of about 24 Kms. from Haridwar. Rishikesh is called the starting point for the Char Dham yatra.It has more importance among piligrims because it is situated at the confluence of the holy river Ganga and river Chandrabhaga.Rishikesh is also a favourate destination of foreigners who are interested in Yoga and Meditation

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Directory of Haridwar


We were unable to find the N.G.O.'s which are working actively in this region so we couldn't include any name in our web directory.If you are a member of any active N.G.O. which is working for the betterment of the people and society in your region ,kindly let us know about it .We would be glad to include it in our web directory.

To include the name of your N.G.O. or organization(s) in our web directory you just have to send us a request e-mail or surface mail ,clearly stating the name , address ,contact No. and the area of operation of your N.G.O. and wait for the confirmation mail .

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Accommodation Available In Haridwar

PWD Inspection House at


Forest Rest House at


Tourist Rest House at


Sadhubela Ashram

Haridwar-Rishikesh Road

ShantiKung Ashram

Haridwar-Rishikesh Road

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General Information Of Haridwar

Total Area: 2360 sq kms
Total Population: 2,30,000 (1991census)
Altitude: 300 Mts. From the sea level
39-40 ?C in Summer
6-8 ?C Degree in Winter
Location -
Latitude 29? 58' in the north Longitude 78?13' in the east.
Clothing: Summer- Light Cottons
Winter - Heavy woolens
Languages: Hindi, English and Garhwali, Kumaoni
STD Code : 0133

Total Tehsil - 3
Total Development Blocks - 6
Total Villeges
Total Post Offices
Total literacy